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Why not install single-use whole house surge protector like Intermatic IG1240RC3. Connect surge protector to 20 amp double-pole breaker as if it you are wiring a 240Volt circuit. Both black wires connect to breaker. White to neutral. Green to ground. Cost $115 w/ free shipping amazon.
This will protect all household electronics like microwave, dishwasher, oven, water heater etc that have no surge protection.
This installation will avoid the dirty power issue (that AO Smith is now aware you are reporting to them, the same guys that warrant the product for 6 years and require installation ‘by the manual’ or warranty is void)
Then buy length of 12-2 w/g wire, piece of plastic conduit with fittings, and install outlet within reach of the water heater. Black wire goes to black, and white to white, and ground to ground. Tighten screws very tight against copper wire. Make sure ground wires are bonded tightly with a wire nut. Total cost $38.
Next, use circuit analyzer to make sure outlet polarity is correct and that ground is properly connected. Correct polarity and grounding are required for water heaters. And make sure there are no fluorescent lights on same circuit, as these can cause interference, which might adversely affect electronics inside Honeywell gas control valve.
Then take a photo, post it on facebook, and call AO Smith and tell them that you are in full compliance to protect the warranty that you reported was out of compliance.
Tell the lady thank you, and give her 4 thumbs up so she feels she helped you immensely and goes home feeling stronger because being American is a state of mind.
And then your water heater will work as expected, and all appliances are safe from surge, and you have extra outlet for troublelight in case you want to follow the maintenance steps shown in manual or repair water heater yourself.
The manual has very good repair information and parts sheet, while a lot of water heater manuals simply tell you to call a service technician.
For example the water heater has error code if powered anode stops working. If anode is not working, then tank is rusting, and then you have to buy another water heater sooner. Cost $400-800?

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