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HotShower, thanks for the tips.
I will take gauge into consideration, the closest outlet (this is a bare concrete/brick basement) which was custom installed for my furnace (the wire is visibly exposed).

Considering the crazyness I just heard on the phone, I might just physically have my electrician cut the cord, and splice on a longer piece of wire.

So to everyone else, this was the response I got on the phone to this question:
“Why does it warn 5 times in the manual not to use an extension cord, is it just to protect you from a freak fire”

Answer(I typed this live as best I could):
“Use of an extension cord can start throwing error codes on LCD/ECU display. Because the power would not be balanced, what they call dirty power, this could cause problems in the long run.”

Mind you the nice lady had to go to “tier 2” support (I used to be in tech support business).
And I gave her multiple ways out, telling her I would accept the fear of liability by AO Smith.

The reason I call BS on this is that I have never in my life heard of surge protectors, or extension cords providing “dirty power”.

Either something is on, or it’s not.

By the company lines same logic, one could not use a surge protector, a UPS battery (or any inverter) in the case of power outage etc.
Also I own a 2K dollar espresso machine that is fully PID controlled. It’s 20 amp, and is connected to a rare 20amp surge protector whose length is 10 feet, that protector is connected to an outlet that is accuated by a switch. So I switch on my 2000 watt coffee machine and it’s behind a GFCI, and Surge protector.

For giggles and LOLZ for the younger kids, I am going to call back tech support and reframe the question in the case of using a UPS battery backup.

ADMINS/PLUMBERS: Have you guys heard of this on other AO models, or Bradford White (I know they use PID and relay temp control)

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