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Tanks, er thanks, for update on geospring

When you go to Aceee, please stress DIY as 3rd rail of energy savings.
All costs are energy.
Generic parts, modular components, service manuals… because when you have thousands of homeowers working on stuff, improvements and innovations are made.

Construct water heaters so they are as easy and cheap to diagnose and maintain and repair as ordinary electric heater, then that gives true energy savings [which coincidentally will hurt corporate profit margin].

There cannot be energy savings when a service call costs $400, you need 3 different people: computer-technican, electrician and plumber to service same appliance, when the easy soution is to install new water heater, the unit requires continual maintenance, unit is vulnerable to simple power outage or minor surge, or downshift of power during brownout, or less than clean 60 cycle generator rotation, and especially when the corporation refuses to print service manuals or share information with ordinary folks because their phone techs are too few and too inexperienced to know the situation in every home.

Hey how about a wifi anode rod that sends text to cell phone?

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