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Yes, this is my heater.

I went back to the contractor to see if he had record of when he bought the heater. It was bought in March of 2003, but he doesn’t know the exact date that it was actually installed. It was not used until Oct. of 2003. Regardless, I am sure the company has no proof of that (other than my word), so they will go by the date it was purchased. Hence, my warranty is void for both labor and parts.

As for the trained technician, I guess I agree. We have now talked to both a plumber and an electrician. My problem now lies in the fact that I need to find out where to find a good trained technician, and also where to get this part. I would assume that I will have to contact someone from Whirlpool and that they should be able to sell him/me the part if that is what is necessary, but I can’t seem to get an answer from them either way (about whether they sell the circuit board or not). Is this correct? Do I contact Whirlpool for the tech and the part? I am not too impressed with Whirlpool right now, and if they will sell me the part, perhaps this electrician can install it (he seemed very confident about that, but perhaps that is barking up the wrong tree…perhaps I really need to just go with the tech as you have advised?)

If we assume that the anode rod is fine and that the lower element is fine, I have a question for you guys: is it worth it for me to spend the money to buy the mechanism to clean all of the sediment out of the tank (purchased from this website, of course) and for a technician to come out to diagnose the problem (and possibly the money for a new circuit board), or is it more cost effective for me to just buy a new tank?

If all we might be talking about is a loose wire, I guess it would be worth it, but how long should that take to find out? I am sure they charge at least $75 per hour (and we have already invested time/money into diagnosing this problem). If it should be within an hour (to find a loose connection), then we could handle that. That would be $50 for the sediment stuff, $150 for the plumber and electrician that have already come out, and about $75 for the tech to fix the possible loose connection. So we are looking at $225 for a hot water heater that costs $450 plus the $150 already spent (so $600 total). Not a horrible ratio.

If it is the board itself, how much do you think those run for? We would have to pay for the board and the tech to come back out to install it. That is going to be at least $150 for labor (to have the tech come out to diagnose and then to come back to install the board once it is here), and the cost of the board too. That would be $150 for the electrician and plumber, $150 for the tech (at a guess), $50 for the sediment stuff, and the cost of the circuit board itself. That comes out to $350 plus the board. $350 plus the board in ratio to the $600 seems a little high. Seems like we might be spending an awful lot of money and time for something that costs $450 new. What do you think? Am I figuring something wrong?

Last question, hopefully. Should my husband still try to use his handy dandy new volt meter :D(also a cost)—reminds me of Tim Allen in Home Improvement, but lets hope he doesn’t blow himself up—to still try to “ohm out” the lower element or “check if there is a ground leak” if really what we need is a special technician? Just want to save him the time (and possible risk to his life) if it is no longer necessary. Lets just say that Tanklets has me worried my hubby will kill himself or something. Such a lack of faith…..

Thanks for all your time,


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