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Randy Schuyler

I saw this earlier today, started to post, then stopped, then got sidetracked. Often it helps for me to ponder a bit.

What are you looking for? That is not very clear from your post. Also, how big is your current water heater? Is its output adequate? If so, what are you looking for?

One possibility is to just keep your current heater, and do a little maintenance on it: new anode, flush kit maybe, if you’re in a hard-water area. If it’s eight years old, it may or may not have an FVIR system. If it has one, it could be one of the troublesome ones. If it doesn’t, it’s even more of a reason to hang onto it, as newer gas models require owner participation.

If you do go to a new water heater, look for thick insulation in either gas or electric models. R-16 is available; sometimes R-20; maybe even R-24.

But it’s important to remember: some things we can help you with, but we can’t hand you an answer to a lot of other things on a platter — especially when it comes to buying a new heater. We don’t even try to keep up with all the new models the makers introduce every year. That will require research on your part. If you search on hybrid in this forum, you’ll find that people’s experiences are very mixed. They are not a panacea.

Again, what are you looking for?

Randy Schuyler

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