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Randy Schuyler

Eighty-gallons makes me feel better, even if it isn’t that much less than 86, but the main point is that one time I asked the chief engineer of the manufacturer if one of these would protect a 75-gallon tank. He said, “It ought to,” meaning he wasn’t sure. Ever since, I’ve given this kind of advice, because I’m not sure either, and longevity is an issue.

There was an issue with the powered anodes for heaters with combo anodes where my field experience trumped the factory experience. That’s not a dig against the factory, just a reminder that when in doubt, proceed cautiously.

You may not be trying to make an end-run around me, but believe me: other people have, so I won’t reveal the manufacturer. That said, I can tell you a few things. It is not UL-approved. I asked about that once and they said the certification process was expensive and they didn’t yet have the volume to justify that expense.

But, the unit draws little power. It is nominally warrantied for seven years, but they say it should last 50-100. It has a titanium electrode.

I have sold more than 400, over three years. Nobody has come back to me and said their water heater broke, and surely they would have. Only ONE person came back and said odor returned, and I’ve always wondered about that one. The thing seems to work very well indeed.

I’m the warranty rep. If it is dead on arrival, I’ll immediately send you another one and a UPS return label. The factory tests them before they send them to me. I test them before I send them to you. But they have to survive trial by fire: UPS. Sometimes they don’t survive it, despite double-bubble-wrap.

Additionally, if you ever notice the light is out, let me know immediately and we do the same thing. A few have done that, even after a year, but mostly not. I think this is a very good product; otherwise, I wouldn’t stick my neck out for it. I’ve been doing business on the Web for 15 years — from back when the Web was almost a joke instead of an ubiquitous presence in our lives. I’d have been tarred and feathered long before now if I’d tried to scam people.

Hope that helps.

Randy Schuyler

Water Heater Rescue

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