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Hi, again. I kept a diagram as I removed the first one. It matches exactly the diagram inside the panel. It is two-element, non-simultaneous. For this exercise, I just went in and physically touched each wire as I counted it off on the diagram. It is ok.

Voltage spikes? Weeeehl, we’ve had some storms. One included lots of lightening bolts in the area – very rare for here. Don’t have a clue as to the chronology. But there had been none before the first T-stat failure, And there was non prior to the most recent “failure.”

The label on the tank says that each element is 4500, with a total of 4500. I do not see any indication of size on the element itself. How might I check that?

I am intrigued by the preliminary excessive heat for a period of days prior to the first failure: I have had tenants tell me that that had happened to them: a period of time with too-hot water, followed by no hot water. I have always just replaced their tanks. It must be a common scenario, eh?

I see in the manual that you sent me – thank you! – the mention again that “It is important that the entire back surface of the thermostat is in full contact or flush with the tank. Improperly mounted thermostat will lead to improper heater operation.” Mine is not flush: it tips out very slightly towards the top. It may have been flush prior to the first failure – I did not check. Could that create the issue I have?
Thanks for all your time, Larry!

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