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I don’t post advertising.

I do research on water heaters and timers and smart meters and a few other things.

When I run into articles that affect professional plumbers, I post it here.

1) Water heater manufacturers are adding more electronics to water heaters >> meaning the plumbing industry is evolving, and tradespeople might like to keep up with new ideas

2) The leak detection patent using thermisters and a microchip seems interesting, and inventors and innovators here might like the idea.

3) The patent website might be of interest to the inventors and innovators here, or maybe they already know

4) The insurance data on water heater failure is an interesting study for anybody selling water heaters, especially as it relates to changes in the industry.
a) Recent news articles indicate that insurance companies have identified water heaters as a major risk factor affecting future coverage.
b) Sellers of water heaters might like to be ahead of the curve for two reasons:
-If homeowner insurance is changing, customers might be inclined to replace water heaters more frequently
-The trend in some areas is for renting water heaters.
-If homeowner insurance changes, more people will opt to rent water heaters that are underwritten by the renter. This will affect the plumbing industry as manufacturers will play a larger role in day-to-day sales.

But maybe guys that come here already know this. Or don’t want to know it. In which case I apologize for posting.

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