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The Tank leaking valve. Reply To: leaking valve.

Larry Weingarten

Hello: I’m not sure I understand correctly, but am imagining the shut-off valve has a wheel-like handle. The handle is attached to a brass rod, called the valve stem. This stem, where it goes into the body of the valve has a brass nut around it, called a packing nut. Water is likely leaking out between the valve stem and packing nut. To fix this, unscrew the packing nut all the way and slide it up the stem as far as it will go. Twist teflon tape and wrap it around the stem. It could take six or eight turns. Now slide the packing nut back over the teflon and snug it down. This will compress the teflon and seal off the leak. If the packing nut is too tight it will prevent the valve handle from turning. It is actually a simple operation that takes less time to do than to write about 😎

Yours, Larry

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