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OK, I like the rescue kit so if I bush it down, I should choose brass, yes? and what about the “ring” in the inlet, do I need one to retain the dip tube or is it retained in some other manner? My supply is no greater than 3/4″ and the flex pipe looks a lot like 1/2″ to me (memory, did not think to make particular note of it).

I look at the diagrams but they only provide so much detail. Perhaps I should find a dead WH and “have at it” to learn a little more about the details of construction.

I also learned that the first four number digits of the GE water heater are “0599.” Does this really mean it was manufactured in May of 1999 as it implies?

I was able to shine a flashlight in one of the holes and see inside through another. Nice and clean in there with very little debris. I’m getting pretty hopeful!

This forum is GREAT, and thank you very very much for the assistance. I am hoping to never get this in the “horrors” gallery.

I will need to have a plumber involved for “legal” installation but I like to be as prepared a possible and know what is going on so if there is an issue I can make informed decisions. Also, if Mr./Ms. Plumber don’t have to stop every few minutes to dig in the service vehicle for a bit or piece, I figure I will end up paying much less and they will be happier to mess with it.

The info on the vent tube diameter “rule of thumb” when combined with another appliance was VERY eye-opening. makes perfect sense in retrospect, but that would have been a potential issue, fer sure. I checked my current installation and they appear to have done it right so I may be in good shape there too.

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