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Thanks for your answer, nice of you to take the time and I appreciate it.

Still must have another problem ’cause I replaced the upper thermostat with the approved part from Sears made for and specified as in my owner’s manual.

Wife had to have some hot water this morning before I replaced the thermostat, so I turned the circuit breaker back on about 515am this morning and let the water heat up – sure enough, it was scalding as I expected – remember, I just wanted to give her some hot water before I attempted to replace the upper thermostat.

The thermostat has been in place and the power on for about 3 hours now — I continue to run the hot spicket from time to time to test how how the water is – maybe I’ve run 15 gallons testing it and it’s still scalding hot even though the lower thermostat is set to the lowest temp setting.

Am I too impatient and maybe I should let it set for a few more hours to cool down? Seems like the water is not cooling down any in the last 3 hours?

Or do you think I have another issue to tackle? Remember I have replaced both elements with GE 3800 watt, 240V new elements and the upper thermostat – I have not replaced the lower thermostat –

Any ideas?

Thanks so much for any help.

RichardC in Alabama.

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