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Thanks Ej.
Still perplexed by the infrared burner. Wish somebody could explain this.

The guys at local AO Smith dealer know the FV system is evolving, but have no details.
Thks for June 2010 manual. That’s same manual posted earlier showing debris filter page 24.
Troubleshoot top Page 27: FV event = ‘clean flame trap’ or flame arrestor, ‘replace water heater,’ does not say that TCO thermal cut off located on combustion door will reset water heater. Does not say if TCO event requires installation of new gas control valve.
Still wondering what the TCO does other than shut down gas control valve.
Maybe each thermal event is unique, and sometimes the water heater can be repaired, and sometimes not.

Bradford White has mathematically engineered a flame arrestor that will ‘prevent flames from traveling backwards through flame arrestor and outside water heater’
Don’t know if newest AO flame arrestor is same type of system.

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