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SoCADesertRat: My thought is to have it service by a professional — anode rod, drained, burner checked, gas valve, etc. to see if I could get some extended life out of it.
Any comments, insight and suggestions would be appreciated .
I am well into my Senior years with a bum knee, so do not wish to under take the servicing myself.


Sounds good to me, with a few bits of advice.

First, purchase from from Randy (on this website) the following: A replacement anode. A supplemental combo anode. A curved dip tube.* A full port ball valve drain.

When the parts arrive at home, call around to a plumber or handyman.

Don’t ask them their opinion (especially the plumber). Tell them what products you have, and that you want the products installed and the tank flushed.

The reason I say don’t ask their opinion is not to denigrate plumbers or handymen. But it helps avoid the self doubt/pressure that some homeowners can get when they interact with contractors/tradesmen.

It happens. You call in to get your house HVAC heater its yearly check up. The guy shows up and spouts off a bunch of verbiage about how “Title 24 compliance”…”not to code”…”missing important safety equipment”… all of a sudden your yearly check up turns into full replacement/upgrade.

Well. Maybe you really needed that replacement. Or maybe you didn’t, but your tech just upsold you, because he gets a commission off any sales he generates.

It happens.

You let the guy know right off the bat that you know what you want and what you don’t want and you are less susceptible to and less likely to receive an unnecessary upsell sales pitch.

Now, if it turns out he can really point out a serious problem, well, that’s different. But it should be obvious and quantifiable.

And even if you do have to replace your water heater, that stuff you bought from Randy will fit right into your new water heater just fine.

Best wishes.

* Measure from the top of the water heater to the drain valve and report this measurement in inches to Randy when ordering the dip tube.

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