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Hi Larry, Randy,

Thanks for the responces! Ok I disconnected the cold flex line, and ran it outside and there was flow.

I removed the cold nipple, and it turns out that they are only rusted on the outside, and there is plastic on the inside. I’m not sure how to further check if water is getting into the tank. I tried to put a wire hanger into it, but it doesn’t go far, I assume there is some type of curve to the tank, or inlet inside the tank? I replaced the cold nipple with a new one. and put back the flex.

Next I removed the hot side flex, hooked it up to the hose, and turned the water on. There was no flow. So I removed the hot side nipple, and its a combo anode. This seemed in poor condition, and could be part of the problem. I had another nipple without a anode, and I put that on to see if I’d get flow with that on, and I don’t. No flow with new nipples.

I’m not certin that the cold side is making it into the tank, but I do get warm water on the cold side without anything connected to it, so there is some interaction with the tank.

BTW its a A O Smith brand.

Thanks a ton,


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