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Ignition Module error codes

Ignition Control Module (ICM) LED Error Codes: (Flashes visible through viewport in access door)
1 Pressure Switch Closed SC*
2 Pressure Switch Open SL
3 Failed Ignition SL3
4 Gas Valve Hardware Fault SL
5 Flame Sense Hardware Fault SC
6 False Flame SL**
8 Ignition Control Hardware Fault SL
9 Ignition Control Software Fault SL
Rapid L1 Polarity Detection SC
SL (Soft Lockout): Control Automatically resets after 60 minutes.
SL3 (Soft Lockout/Hard Lockout): Control automatically resets after 60 minutes, with a maximum of 3 resets, followed by hard lockout requiring service.
SC (Self Clearing): Control will function normally as soon as it no longer detects the previously indicated fault.
* when pressure switch or blower relay opens
** when fl ame is no longer sensed.
† Blower Isolation Relay is used on models 150,000 BTU/Hr and above.
Note: If unit goes into a soft or hard lock-out the ignition control module can be reset by cycling power to the water heater

Water Heater Operation
This appliance does not have a pilot light. It is equipped
with an electronic ignition that automatically lights the
burner. There are three lights to indicate the various stages
of operation; Green = Electrical power is on, Yellow =
Thermostat is calling for heat, which signals the beginning
of the ignition sequence (see figure 21), and Red = Ignition
control is signaling the gas valve to open.

A complete manual can be found at Your unit is made by Polaris for Lennox.

Water Heater Rescue

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