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Unbiased hybrid information seems hard to find since water heater manufacturers don’t allow website comments. Complaints on electric hybrid that I’ve read include fan is noisy, unit blows out a lot of cold air [so doesn’t this lower ambient room temperature needed for hybrid operation? -plus work against furnace in winter?], needs condensate drain, large size of unit, slow recovery on full-hybrid mode [so why not simply buy a smaller-gallon regular electric heater and set it on an insulated surface and cover it with insulation?].

The issue of hybrid savings is not being discussed except for 1 article that said there was little savings except in full-hybrid mode. However if customers suddenly noticed a savings of 26$ per month in their electric bill ($320 per year advertised by hybrid promoters), word would spread quickly over the internet, yet I see nothing. Frankly it still takes the same Kwh to heat water as before since the physics has not changed.

Personally, I also wonder how vulnerable the new electronic water heater controls are to electrical surge, since household 240V circuits are unprotected from surge. Also wonder if electronics are fully covered in warranty.

Offsetting risk is standard 1 year parts-labor warranty, and 10 year part-labor can be purchased. Reviewing warranty is smart given the newness of hybrids.

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