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Larry Weingarten

Hello, There usually aren’t many places upstream of the water heater that can clog up. That’s good news! Is there a hose bibb in the main line, where it enters the house? If so, test that and see if it has good flow that doesn’t drop off. That would eliminate the meter as a concern. Can you trace the line visually from where it enters the house to where it branches off to the heater? … Is there a crawl space? If so, look at everything and see if there are any devices in the line. If it’s just new copper the whole way, than your thought of solder bits could have merit, though I’ve never seen a main line clogged by solder bits. With the right listening tool, (maybe good ears) you could also run water from a hot tap and go down the line where the clog is suspected to listen for the hiss of restricted flow. As a side note, look for piles of solder left where new connections were made. If you see lots of drips, the technician used too much solder and there is more chance of solder in the pipes causing trouble. Only a novice plumber would have done that… and left the mess. 😕
Yours, Larry

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