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okay, so if you have a glass lined side wall, and you decide to never review the wealth of information here and don’t change you anode rod / water heater, what is the typical failure mode for a water heater? the side wall corroding out and spilling the beans?

I live in a condo complex where the HWH is within the home, and the garages directly below the unit. We have this fancy 2 L drain pan that won’t do anything in the event of a catstrophic failure but to piss off the homeowner when the 50+ L water heater fails and floods teh home and the garage. a false sense of security that drain pan is.

i’ve seen a design a puts a drain port in a pan below the water heater to the outside for the end units, but the center units down have the benefit of an external wall to dump to drain.

How does one additionally prevent catastrophic failure besides anode rod monitoring and a practical “dump to drain”, if passivating the tank is not practical?

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