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Thank you Larry,

Okay, I get the part about removing the heat trap from the hot side and
insulating ALL of the hot line and the cold line. However, you go on to say:
insulating “back to the wall.” Can you elaborate which wall you mean?

As to: “If the plumber had used flex connectors or unions on top of the
heater, this would be a simple job.” I have no idea whether he did, but
I will find out.

As to: “The hot line appears to reduce down to 1/2″. Is that so?” I need
more of a description as to what that question seeks in relation as to where
that reducing down is taking place.

You’re eyes to do not lie. The drain pan is there in case I need a place to p**.
The way house is configured and the hot water heater is located, it is not feasible
to drain it out. This is one reason I got a new heater earlier than most may have,
i.e., to reduce the probabilities of a leak on my wooden floor. So far, so good.
Tankless, might have been the way to go, but I was not ready.

Wow!! I feel like I am in the midst of a solution!! Great stuff!!

Thanks again so very much, Larry.


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