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Solutions, are great, Larry!!

Just ordered a Home Safe water alarm. Will look for a small pump to see how that plays into this.

Once you identified the issue, I have to wonder why the plumber “hard soldered,” when in this day and age there are such easier ways to “back into it,” should it become necessary to do so (as in now).

You are correct, the line leaving is ½”. The pressure is good, though. Do you think that restriction could delay the hot water delivery time, and if so, why now, but not before?

Larry, you’ll get a kick out of this. I called American and asked a tech person whether my (former) heater had heat traps in the same place where I have them now. She said yes. I asked her if I removed the heat trap from the hot side would it assist in delivering hot water quicker. She answered, she thought it would.

I made the same call to Rheem. The one and the same tech people that have had zero explanations or suggestions (since install) as to why I might be having this hot water delivery delay problem. I ask the tech gentleman the same question as above: if I removed the heat trap from the hot side would it assist in delivering hot water quicker. His answer: no; that the heat trap was made to be there, and it has no effect on the hot water flow or timing of the delivery of the hot water. I almost told him to put down the script, and go read what an “expert plumber’s” thinking was on the subject, but, to what end? So, that’s that.

Well, Larry, your performance, manner, insight, patience, as well as the energy and time you share with the public on this site, and your incredibly valuable advice, lives up to your most impressive bio on the “About Us,” page. I am most appreciative and thankful for all of it.

Absent any other suggestions, I am ready to have an informed discussion with the owner of the plumbing business who employs the plumber that did this install, and learn his thoughts on all that I have learned. Wish us success!!

You’re the best, and please thank Randy – equally – as well!!


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