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Correct me where I go wrong, but I believe you ask for this:

the kitchen, where the faucet in issue is located, is the room immediately adjacent to the right side of the closet where the heater is seen.

now, the hot water exits the heater via the left copper pipe headed straight up, then heads straight back 12″, and then makes a sharp right turn, goes 10″. and then enters the wall, where in travels 52″ up into the ceiling; then 11′ 6″ across the attic/kitchen ceiling; then 7′ 6″ down the far kitchen wall where it feeds the kitchen faucet.

is this what you mean?

just to recap.

i had an american heater prior to the replacement in jan.
it was 40 gallons.
they changed none of the piping. it stayed as is.
prior to bringing the Rheeem into the house,
i observed the plumber insert an additional anode
rod into the heater for the extended warranty.
all else remained the same.


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