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Well I have let the fire go out until winter starts again so I decided now would be a good time to add the anode, and thats what I started to do when for the hell of it I decided to spin the element out of it. I no sooner put my wrench on it and the thing fell apart! the threads were completly disolved away. The element part was still in the tank but the base part just came off. I dug the element out and cleaned up the threads.

Im pissed, I used the best materials I could buy and am having problems. I suspect the element must be of a lower grade of stainless than the tank, or maybe its not stainless?

Its a 3000 watt element@ 240, and I think 2200 at 208. I have put in the aluminium anode, and a new element. I have decided to switch to dc to see if I can avoid future problems.I hooked 3 195 watt panels in series to give me a max power point voltage of 110 volts dc at 5.35 amps. This is now directly feeding the element (18 ohm) Today was the first day running it and it ran along at roughly 500 watts but I did hit ( when the sun was overhead) 5.3 amps at 99 volts or 524 watts out of a possible 585. I expect to hit that as summer comes. Starting temp of the tank was 100 f at 9 am, and over 130 f by 4 pm, but then clouds moved in, but not bad for a first day test….I think this will work.

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