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Yes, the fittings have been replaced now with stainless. So everything is now copper or stainless. My concern is preventing any electrolitic action on either.

So if adding a rod will do that then I will. I didnt know what type with those metals. If aluminium is whats best, I will add it, I have lots of aluminium around. should I suspend the rod in the tank not touching either the stainless or copper,or can I just drop a piece in and let it rest on the bottom?

I have a 2 foot long piece of 1/2 inch thick 4 or 5 inch aluminium Ibeam that would be perfect. I have to make this last my lifetime, and more as the fireplace, and tank are being built mostly into the wall, and pulling the tank out for repairs would be a nightmare.

I thought it imposible (or less likely) to have stray currents as its heated by the fireplace 6-7 months of the year, and I thought the rain water should be more naturaly non conductive. When heated with the electric element I left the tank ungrounded(yes I know:shock:) thinking that would also prevent/reduce stray current paths, but clearly something went to work on those fittings.

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