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Larry Weingarten

Hi, Part of the fun is you get to make up an attachment for your vacuum to make it work. Usually, about three feet of 3/4″ pipe is good. I’d use PVC pipe so as not to damage the soft lining. Bush it up to vacuum hose size or go crazy with duct tape. You should be able to make that size pipe fit through the element port. Another thing to do is with a heat gun or hot hair dryer, bend a slight curve in the working end of the PVC so you can get around corners and do a better job of reaching sediment, wherever it is. 😎

Yours, Larry

ps. One thing that promotes odor is lack of use. 82 gallons is a lot of water if you have only two people, as we use 15-20 gallons of hot water per person daily. I’d want to turn the entire contents of the tank daily to prevent bacteria build up and the associated odor.

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