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Thanks Bryan for the info as well as your servicing pictures, those are great. Sounds like the powered anode I have will work so maybe I’ll use it once I get this unit.

The power info you provided from the label is not much different than they have published in the manual, I was hoping for some different information though. I’ve gone ahead and ordered the generator and will hope for the best I guess.

I’ll try to see if I can get some actual amp draw info once I get it hooked up. It seems to imply that on the economy mode, assuming my temperature does not get too low I’d be in that all the time if I read this stuff right, the amperage draw will be really low, way lower than a standard electric water heater (which would relate to the lower operating costs), which should be fine. Worst case it will jump up to the max load which is the 4500W, and I think I’ll be fine there as that is what my current water heater is.

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