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bryan, We just purchased a GE Hybrid, and are having it installed tommorrow. What I liked better about the GE than the Rheam was that the GE sends its heat down into the tank via a coil wrapped around the tank. Rheam, on the other hand, pumps the water up into the condenser, heats it there, and then sends the water back down into the tank. The GE system just seemed to be simpler and more efficient. I’ll let you know how ours works for us. My intuition tells me that the units may be in short supply at times if their popularity picks up.
OUrs is going into the utility room, in the basement, which is relatively close to the wood stove which we heat our home with. There’s usually plenty of heat to spare there in the winter. In the spring and fall, I figure, will be the more challenging months for the unit to be efficient and not cool the house. We’re in Michigan.

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