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Hi Don,
Sorry for the misunderstanding, I was refering to your original post.
Needadvice wrote:

Of greatest concern about these water heaters, I noticed the need for a drain. I am looking to replace our current electric hot water heater in its current location in our garage. It a good heater, a Marathon, but 15 years old. But this location doesn’t have a drain. Its next to an exterior wall, but that wall is close to our front door. So I really don’t want the condensation going out in that direction.

I have acquired a GE Geospring that I am installing. I am going to use my current tank as additional storage.

I looked at the add-on units, but they were quite expensive when you consider the cost of new electrical connections and the fact that they must be installed by a plumber. I’m not dissing plumbers here, the installation of an add-on unit is much more complicated than the replacement of an existing WH.

Also, knowing the way heai pumps work, all of them produce condensate and require a drain.


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