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Schieftain wrote:

How long have you had your GE hybrid now?
Long enough to verify if what GE told you is true?

I’d really like to know if the unit will cool the air from 48 to 45 degrees and send it into standard mode.

Hi Schieftain,

We have had our unit for about 6 months now. For the first few months, our power bill did exactly what I expected — it dropped by about $25 or $30 per month. But then we have had an extremely and abnormally hot summer this year and we ran our central A/C much more than usual, driving our utility bill higher than usual during the summer months. Things have cooled off in the last 3 weeks and we have not run the A/C. So I am expecting our bills to start dropping again by a similar $25-$30. I’ll try and post an update during the winter regarding the basement temperature. I don’t expect the unit to drop the ambient temperature very much, if at all. Keep in mind that the unit doesn’t blow cold air all the time. Furthermore, even when it does, it doesn’t blow much. It isn’t like an air conditioning unit. Think of it like the opposite of a refrigerator. Your refrigerator is putting off some waste heat. But does it actually raise the temperature of your kitchen? Probably not much. The “waste” cold air coming off this unit is somewhat similar.

Also, when factoring in the cost, remember that if you purchase and install this unit before December 31 of this year, you get a 30% federal tax credit on the purchase and installation costs. Also, check into utility rebates. Our utility offered a nice rebate on the purchase. I was also able to take advantage of my state’s appliance rebate program.

Hope this helps,

Water Heater Rescue

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