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Randy Schuyler


Thank you for providing that information. I expect Larry will have comments. I confess not to know enough to say too much except a couple of things. 1): not enough insulation. One inch is only R-8. If you buy this, you ought to make sure it’s R-16 or better. 2): Lowe’s only sells American brand, which only uses aluminum anodes, which we don’t much like. But I have nothing other to say against American’s water heaters. If you like this model, considering replacing the anode or anodes. It will have either one hex or that plus a half-length combo rod in the hot port.

That said, though, it’s up to you.

Interesting, I got a “thank you” the other day from someone I sold an anode to a year ago. He said I talked him out of replacing the aluminum anode in his tank with another of the same. He said his daughter had been having skin rashes after showering and they suddenly stopped when he put a magnesium anode in the tank.

I just this moment decided to ask him if I can post it with just his initials in The Tank. Other people ought to be aware of the possibilities.

Randy Schuyler

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