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You could be right about the age of the Bradford White water heater.

The Bradford White website, that had the water heater age decoding information from the serial number, stated that Bradford White reuses the letters in their serial numbers every 20 years, so the letter P in my serial number, which was PA104777, could be for the year 1957, 1977, 1997, 2017, or even 2037, when we get to that year.

As far as your suggestion is concerned, the water heater main burner is now working properly again and the water heater is producing hot water.

I have to admit to feeling stupid for not following the instructions on the water heater label.

Those instructions were:

1. Turn the gas valve knob to the OFF position and leave the knob in the OFF position for 5 minutes.

2. Turn the water temperature setting knob to the fully counter-clockwise position, which is the coldest water temperature setting.

3. After 5 minutes turn the gas valve knob to the START position and light the pilot light and hold the red button down for 30 seconds after lighting the pilot light.

4. After 30 seconds release the red button and see if the pilot light is still lit.

5. If the pilot light is still lit then turn the gas valve knob to the ON position and turn the water temperature setting knob clockwise and the main burner should come on.

Once I followed all of these steps the main burner came on.

I had been re-lighting the pilot light with the gas valve knob in the ON position and didn’t do steps 1 through 3, so that’s probably why I wasn’t getting the main burner to come on in my earlier attempt.

I’ll still see if I get a reply about a suitable replacement gas valve for this water heater from either the Robertshaw or Bradford White parts people and if I get a reply then I’ll post that information here.

I edited this post on 4-2-2018 because I got a reply back about a part number for the gas valve.

You can copy and paste this URL into your browser to see the gas valve that the parts people claim will work on this Bradford White water heater:

I looked at the replacement gas valve and it doesn’t look anything like the old gas valve.

The picture that they have of this replacement gas valve doesn’t show the side of the gas valve so I don’t know if this is a Robertshaw gas valve or not.

When I just now replied back to the Bradford White parts people with the new date of the water heater of January of 1977 they replied back that parts are no longer available for this water heater and that I would have to buy a new water heater if parts are needed.

If I get a reply back from the Robertshaw parts people then I’ll add that reply here.

I cleaned the label on the water heater and now I can see that my water heater model number was M30T10RN.

As far as I know the water heater anode has never been replaced and I looked at the bottom of the water tank when I changed the thermocouple and the bottom of the water tank was a little rusty but there weren’t any water leaks.

This water heater is in a house that two of my younger brothers live in and the house used to belong to our grandparents when they were alive and this water heater isn’t at my house.

I might suggest to my brothers that we look at the water heater anode and see what condition the anode is in.

If this water heater was made in 1977, then I wonder if an anode would still be available for this old of a water heater.

Thanks for your help.


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