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Randy Schuyler

I agree. The powered anode does not produce a signal, nor prevent corrosion by radio waves. It feeds a small amount of current into a heater and those ions flow to tank steel to protect it. A sacrificial anode does the same except that the current is produced by its own consumption.

That you take magnets seriously doesn’t do much for your credibility. Still, I like to keep a somewhat open mind, so I’ve put in a question about this to a fellow I know who does water treatment that uses some kind of sulfate to coat the interior of piping. I also work closely with the corrosion engineers who created the powered anode. One of them says an am wave might work for scale control but he’s skeptical it could function as an anode, and that a lot of testing would be needed to verify such a claim.

It sounds like you’re a rep for this product. If so, beware. I don’t permit this forum to be used for that kind of promotion.

Randy Schuyler

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