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Larry Weingarten

Hello: There are multiple problems and you need to get things running to know what’s what. Starting with the heater drain valve, turn off power and water. Relieve pressure at the tub spout. Use a crescent wrench and a basin wrench remove the drain valve and replace with a ball valve/hose adaptor. This will most likely allow flow and help to remove sediment near the drain. Once the tank is full again, see if there is good water flow from the drain. If so, you can now concentrate on the clogged fixtures. You can try the backflushing trick described elsewhere on this site, but I’d start by checking to see that the areators are clean. If you have good cold flow from a fixture, but bad hot flow, backflushing is the thing to try. If both hot and cold are slow, the areator is probably plugged. If you need a plumber’s help, thats OK. You’ll know what to ask for 😉

Yours, Larry

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