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Hello Larry,

Yes, this is an interesting expericence. I just wish it was someone elses’ experience.

Anyway, I talked to the plumber about putting in check valves. We will do that. I don’t know about going as far as expansion tanks. The barn is lower than everything else but I do “reduce” flow a bit because I am using a small diameter garden hose. I know it is smaller than the water line. Is that enough? Probably not when the filters are clogged and all pressure is being pulled to the barn.

What is the limitation of the vacuum breaker that comes with these tanks?

This is an older place (built in 1980) and our water is abrasive and corrosive. I know there is narrowing in the water lines just because that is what happens. Who knows where, though.

Let’s talk about noises. Does anyone know what normal sounds go on inside the water heater when it’s not heating? I have a stethoscope and I used that this morning to listen to my tank for a while. (I know, I’m weird). There is silence at the water level and below. However, at the air space at the top, there are all kinds of sounds. The closer to the top I go, the louder they are.

With no water running, it still makes noise, mostly an “air” sound like it’s moving. Also, a sort of faint crackling occasionally. Would that be normal when no water is running anywhere?

I don’t know. Maybe I’m trying to OVER analyze all this. I just don’t want it to happen again.

My husband is a hardwood flooring contractor. He has already pulled up most of the damaged flooring. We decided to prevent mold, we needed to replace rather than try to dry it. We don’t want a “sick building”. Also, we have people coming in from out of state on Nov. 5th and it needs to be all fixed and ready by then. We are in the Southwest and the subfloor is drying pretty fast. We have a lot of fans going upstairs and in the garage. We are in the SW and our humidity is low.

Thanks for all your good advice!

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