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Larry-No, the water flow never drops off at all. I have a bladder-type water tank at my well, at 60lbs. psi. My brother is going to check a few more water lines this afternoon. This morning, with the breaker still turned off since yesterday, I ran the hot water tap in the bathroom sink closest to the water heater closet, and it ‘gurgled’ with air for about 2-3 seconds, mixed with the water, before straight water came out. He had me pop the vent on the heater, and I could hear water flowing, mixed with air bubbles, for about 5 seconds, before just water flowed. You know, how you can hear the ‘gurgle’ of air bubbles in a water pipe?

He thinks I may still have a hairline crack or pinhole leak at a joint, letting a tiny bit of air into the lines, and when enough has accumulated, the top element is not fully submerged.

David-He said he could do that, no problem, but this is really a loud whistle, just like a whistling tea kettle, loud enough to be heard in the other end of my house, coming from the top of the tank. I can’t imagine why subnucleate boiling would be going on, all of a sudden, when I have had several tanks over the years, and dozens of elements. If he can’t readily find another leak, he said he will try switching the voltage, and see if it is still doing it.

Thanks guys, Pam

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