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I received the power anode and installed it this past weekend.

The old anode and nipple came out easily. One long adjustable wrench and medium size pipe wrench did the job. The old anode was completely black, was not a pretty site to look at, I bent it on the way out due to a lack of overhead space.

Hardest part about installing the new anode was dealing with the teflon tape, that tape is slippery and unwinds easily. Can’t the plumbing industry come up with a better solution, I bet certified plumbers have issues with teflon tape at times.

The other problem with the install was the old connection went straight up out of the hot water tank into the house supply. The power anode being a side discharge changed the route of the plumbing.

The power anode has definitely eliminated the odor, the smell has totally disappeared. Thanks for the product.

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