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I am having similar issues as others on this thread. Black particles, some very small (just barely caught by the aerator screen), others larger (largest I’ve seen was about 1/4″ long, irregularly shaped). They feel like rubber, and the large one looked like deteriorating rubber.

However, I’ve checked the hoses into/out of my water heater…copper, soldered directly into the heater. Before entering the wall, the pipe transitions into a milky, partially opaque PVC.

According to the date written on the heater, it is only 2yrs old (we bought the place a year ago).

Primarily, finding the particles in the kitchen faucet, but checked the entire house and the smaller particles were in every aerator screen.

Where is this stuff coming from, and how do I fix it?! I just replaced the kitchen faucet (old one would no longer turn off, and spray nozzle rocker switch would not fully operate–probably due to these particles, but not sure as it is a sealed unit), which is how I discovered this. After turning on the water under the sink and running it a few minutes through the new faucet, flow fluctuated greatly as some of this gunk was pushed through the new system.

I’ve got to figure this out–can’t afford to buy yet another faucet. Thanks to all for your help.

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