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I just removed my first anode. I thought it was magnesium, but in a post it was stated that it should have a bump on its top. Could it be aluminum? Can I now replace it with a 44″ magnesium?
When the anode was removed it looked brownish then when it dryed, as I flushed water through its tap, it had changed to a varnish like appearance that easily fell off when tapped or brushed.
The 40 gal. gas Rheem tank is 11 years old, drain/ flushed twice after it was 7 years old. I placed a finger in the drain port when I changed to a full port ball valve this time. It felt perfect and smooth. Does initial tank failure start at the top or bottom of gas tanks?
Also added an expansion tank. The house pressure is approx. 65psi but the pressures had reached 160psi after some long draws. Did this doom the tank?

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