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First, I’d be willing to supply the water pistols, and a 12 pack for the after-the-dual conversation. I am sure I could learn a lot just by sitting down with both of you for a day.:D

For the anode, I am leaning toward un-horrifying my wife and just replacing it.
As far as the dip tube goes, can i do the following and be ok?

Tank – Curved dip tube – standard female/female coupler (not a union) – standard pipe long enough to reach top of shroud (about 10 inches) – supply line from house.

I’m thinking that it is ok, but my concern is that the dip tube that is in the tank now is plastic-lined the entire way. Does the fact that the dip tube is plastic lined stop dielectric effect? I would use regular fittings and pipe available from Lowe’s or Home Depot.


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