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A new replacement water heater (75 gal) installed was going to be $1780 and the gas control valve installed ran me about $200. I used a local company for the original service call starting Sunday through the valve replacement. I have been very happy with their service and advice. I’m sure I could have found someone cheaper but I think they are competitive. Most of the cost would have been the 75 gal heater. We have a Jacuzzi tub which, from my understanding, requires larger hot water supply.

The new control valve is in and the water heater has stayed lit. My water is smoking hot! (Not really smoking. I’m just exagerating.)

The company followed up already and the installer left his cell number so I can reach him direct. Very nice service.

I appreciate being able to learn from this site. It helped me appreciate the costs and work involved and allowed me to confirm what I was being told.


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