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Wow, 16’s! My nephew wears 16. We put three kids in them once, and paddled up the river. Some day, I’d like to see one of Shak’s shoes, like size 24 or some stupid thing. Pretty nutty.

Anyway, back to topic…

The gas kit, being $150, is what put me in shopping mode again. That’s nearly half a new heater. And, since I have been “lax” (as in zero flushes in 7 years..) on my maintenance, maybe the the old tank isn’t worth converting. I tend to agree with you on the complication factor, and how much of that EF rating is smoke & mirrors. I think my pay back on the Effex would be either quite long, or not there at all. Still tho, what guy doesn’t feel attracted to a shiny new digital display? On a water heater, no less!

Perhaps when I pull the old unit (an AOSmith ProMax) out, I’ll check the anode condition, and see what kind of gunk comes out that sweet 3/4 WHR ball valve. (you can promote your own website, I hope..) If it looks good, maybe the $150 gas kit & $230 power anode are all I need.

At least you’ve convinced me to not stare at that enticing digital display any more. And turbo charged! Again, a guy thing…

Thanks for the reality check.

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