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eleent wrote:

Hello,  There were lots of different systems in play then (automatic, non-automatic, storage or no storage).  What system you had would depend on not only your income, but also location (farm or city) and local fuels available (coal, various gasses, wood, solar, sheep chips! …)  Did the house have pressurized indoor plumbing? Some didn’t then. Size of family matters too as some heaters ran off the cook stove. So, tell us more about the situation and we can paint a better picture for you about how bathing might have been done.

As to resources, there is a fun book, “Clean and Decent” by Lawrence Wright Also, here: is an article we wrote long ago that might be of some use. 😎

Yours,  Larry

Hi Larry,

Thank you! The article was very informative, and I’ll check out that book.

This would take place in a large town in eastern Europe. They have indoor plumbing, but if that’s unrealistic for this setting and time period, I can change it. There are three members in the family, and they live in a small flat located above a store.


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