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Stick with a plain, non-resitered, anode.

The protective action of the anode is electrical in nature. The flow of electrons between the anode and steel tank can be reduced by adding a resister in the head of the anode. The resister preserves the anode NOT THE STEEL TANK. The anode is supposed to degrade, that’s how it protects the tank.

To me, the best argument against resistered anodes is that Randy doesn’t offer them here. If he saw any value in them from his years of servicing water heaters, he would sell them.

After looking around, come back and buy here. Sales support this forum. Other sites may offer plumbing parts and may sell you an anode, but if you contact them by phone or email you are probably going to talk to an order taker who knows nothing about water heaters. Here, Randy offers good products and sound, thoughtful advice. The second is a commodity quite rare in today’s market.

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