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Larry Weingarten

Hello: This is the sort of unit you’re looking for. I would call Chromalox (1-800-443-2640) and talk to an engineer. You likely need length, diameter, voltage and wattage for them to be able to help you. These used to be pretty easy to find…. they simply get inserted into pipes running horizontally in the tank, so water doesn’t need to be turned off to change them. Best of luck!

Yours, Larry

ps: This is what you’re looking for if the link above doesn’t work as it should.
Large Tank Heaters [list]

  • Open Coil Element (OCE) Pipe Insert Large Tank Heaters[/*]pps; If the good element is put into the lower pipe and the heater is wired for it, they should be able to get by with just the one element. It would be wired like a single element tank.
  • Water Heater Rescue

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