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Q: I was given a GE Conventional Natural Gas Water Heater ,

I have a chimney that was used with a 45000btu forced air oil furnace. It is 6 inch and runs all the way to the top of my house. The furnace was replaced with a natural gas furnace and nothing else exhausts through that chimney. Here are some pictures that show the chimney and specs of the gas water heater.

I am not concerned about the gas line or anything else. I just need to know if the water heater can vent through the chimney as is. If not, can inserts be bought to downsize the chimney to the right spec? Also it was suggested that I turn the shut off value half way to restrict the amount of hot water being used...but I of course don't want to damage or cause leaks in my water heater...

Turning temp down or up the water heater does not work. Showers with high temp still are 40 min showers and if I turn down the water heater showers turn into over an hour a day, twice a day. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

A1: Venting through a brick chimney can be problematic for a water heater.  The way to fix things is to either use a purpose made liner, or go with 4" double wall galvanized vent pipe.  The vent pipe will draft better and prevent damage to the chimney from acidic condensation.  The pipe can be assembled on top of the roof and slid down as sections are added.  -- Larry (4/19/2016)

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