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Peroxide Fix Assembly
Plumbing hardware to permit easily addition of hydrogen peroxide to a water heater to halt odor.
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Powered anode for water heaters with hex anodes
This special powered anode replaces all hex-head sacrificial anodes and protects a water heater by feeding a very low electrical current into the tank in emulation of what a sacrificial anode does. It plugs into a standard wall outlet. Highly recommended for people who soften their water.
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Solid combo magnesium anode rod kit with 4-inch nipple
Requires 48 inches of overhead clearance. This anode is the replacement rod for all Bradford White and some State and A.O. Smith heaters, or any that have the anode in the hot port, and that have two to two and a half inches of insulation (R16-20).
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Standard dip tube
Replacement dip tube with integral plastic-lined pipe nipple fits all water heaters with 3/4-inch plumbing; 47 inches long, but can be cut to fit. Solution to problems of not enough hot water because the original dip tube has disintegrated, broken or fallen into the tank.
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Water Heater Rescuer Kit with solid combo magnesium anode with 4-inch pipe nipple
This kit comes with an anode that has 25 percent more sacrificial metal than most factory anodes.
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Water Heater Workbook, U.S.
The bible of water heater maintenance helps homeowners as well as plumbers better understand the inner workings of water heaters in an open, entertaining fashion. Also contains excellent troubleshooting guide. Shipping within the United States is included in the price.
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Working With Your Water Heater: Troubleshooting
Larry Weingarten, author of the Water Heater Workbook, demonstrates how to solve problems relating to gas and electric water heaters and how to make sure they remain safe.
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