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Contact Us

General inquiries, or inquiries about parts can be sent to mail@waterheaterrescue.com. My postal address is PO Box 761, Marina, CA 93933, but I don't accept mailed orders. I have an online/e-mail-only business model that I adhere closely to, because it's very efficient. Also, you'll note that there is no phone number. More on that in a moment.

I suggest that those looking for problem-solving go first to the Troubleshooting page and then possibly post questions at The Tank. That was created to provide problem-solving in a way that will benefit as many people as possible, not just the questioner. A number of knowledgeable people contribute there.

Do not otherwise send me direct e-mail troubleshooting questions, as that defeats the purpose of The Tank, but I'm glad to help people who are trying to figure out what they need. I also help people by e-mail who have bought one of my products.

I work most efficiently by e-mail and by staying off the phone. There are three reasons for this:

The weaknesses to this system are people who have their spam blockers set too high, or the e-mail that just gets lost somewhere in cyberspace. If you order something and don't get a delivery date and tracking number within a couple of business days, first check your e-mail client's junk folder. I always send that information to customers when I create their order. Then grump at me by e-mail. Usually there is a workaround.

-- Randy Schuyler