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Let Us Help You Get It Right

What do you know about your water heater? Our guess is that most people will say, "Almost nothing."

If that's the case, how can you make a wise buying decision when you have a problem? You can search on the Internet, which is vast and wide, and in the end, still not be very sure about what you're doing. You can ask a plumber and get charged at least $120, and not get as good an answer as we can give you. They know about the outside of water heaters. We know about the insides.

We've been solving water heater problems for more than 20 years and know as much or more about odor issues as anybody in North America. If we get involved, we'll ask questions to clarify your situation and then recommend the best solution, which sometimes doesn't require buying anything. But if it does, and you buy it from us within 10 days, we'll refund the $40 consultation fee we charge.

We can help you get it right. THE FIRST TIME. Especially, people with odor issues will understand this because there are legions of people selling legions of solutions that DON'T WORK. We think we're rare -- and maybe unique -- in saying that if what we tell you to do doesn't work, we'll troubleshoot the problem until it's solved. Try us! Click on the Consulting link in the colored link bar at the top of the page.