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I ended up using one of the sizing tools you recommended. It suggested around 50 gallons. I was able to find a 30 gallon that would fit so I went with two of them. It was actually smaller than the electric options I looked at so everything worked out well. The $30 for your consultation is far and away the best $30 I have ever spent. In no time, you had me comfortable with the direction to take and you suggested options that my plumbers never thought of after two visits and many days of “research.”

After two plumber visits, their only advice was that they were unable to find a water heater that would fit the space, told me not to waste time maintaining my water heater in the future because water heaters only last ten or so years anyway and they have now stopped returning my calls. This is after they came out on a second visit with a water heater that wouldn’t fit the space. After that visit, their plan was to come out with a 22” diameter water heater which would be about 26” with the controls, even though the space is only 22” deep. They were going to “squeeze it in somehow.” It is so refreshing to get advice from someone that provides the truth. It makes me realize how rare this is these days.

Thanks for the superb advice and for taking the time to create such a great site. -- Doug, Lake Bluff, IL

I recently replaced the anode in my fairly new State water heater. Very easy replacement - instructions were invaluable. I was a bit fearful that the great amount of torque needed to remove the old anode could damage the entire thing, But your instructions indicated that a lot of force might be needed. So, a 24" section of pipe on a 12" breaker bar did the trick. Installation of the new powered anode went very quickly with no problems. Everything needed was included in the kit you sent with the exception of a 6-point socket. A trip to the local hardware store solved that. Two weeks later and the water is smell-free! No sulfur smell and even the metallic smell that had been present before was no longer there. I am so glad I found your web site. So thankful that I have nice, clean water! Thank you! -- Bruce, East Hampton, CT

Thanks for the great and practical article comparing tankless water setups to regular tank systems. You have saved me lots of money! -- Mitch, North Carolina

Randy, I want to express my appreciation for all the help that you provided me in resolving my smelly hot water problem. I used your comprehensive site to educate myself on the subject. In answer to my email, you advised me that the only sure way to resolve my particular problem would be with a powered anode. You answered my questions about the anode, shipped it in a timely fashion, and provided guidance on the installation of the part. Just as you said it would, the odor was eliminated as soon as the anode was installed, but I’ve waited a bit to be sure that the problem did not recur. A final test; we just returned home from a two week absence, and the hot water still has no odor. Problem resolved! -- Art, Lampasas, TX

Thanks Randy for your useful information on water heaters, found just in time to solve my puzzle -- tank or instant. I'll go for tank. -- Bev, Melbourne, Australia

Just wanted to let you know that we received the anode and installed it right away.  The rotten egg smell is now gone and we can finally shower again without gagging from the smell! Thank you for the excellent service you provided.  It is nice to see that there are still companies that do things the right way. I will definitely recommend your company and website to any of my neighbors and friends who have this issue with their hot water. -- Sean M., Osgoode, Ontario

Thanks for the great instructions, helpful info/hints, and the complete solution (including the coupling, nipple, & teflon tape). It's so rare to receive anything but the specific part requested, then having to go out and get the rest of the solution. Your instructions answered every curiosity that entered my mind...including the FYI about the insulation gap in the wire. It all made an pretty easy DIY job even easier and removed every "I hope I'm doing this right" thought that usually accompanies rarely done tasks. GREAT JOB! -- Robert B., Austin, TX

Randy -- We recently returned our powered anode to you because we could not remove the old anode from our GeoSpring water heater. We want to thank you for taking the time to reply to our questions, and help us through the process. The anode arrived to us promptly, and then a couple months later the refund came back to us promptly upon return. We were sorry not to be able to use the anode, as we had looked forward to un-stinky water! The extra time you spent trying to help us find a solution to our old broken off anode was very much appreciated, even though we ultimately failed at getting the lil’ bugger out. We did some business with you many years ago, and I have often refferred to your website over the years for WH information. Thank you for providing the service that you do. -- Angie, Goodrich, MI

This is the VERY BEST, ULTIMATE, site for those who want to make an informed decision about water heaters (purchase/service).  It gives knowledge which makes one confident of what one should obtain.  The information about the magnesium vs. aluminum anode is priceless. I am of the opinion that the book on the above would make the best gift one can give to men. Anthony, Panama City, FL

I just want to thank you for the all the USEFUL info on your site regarding choosing a hot water heater. I didn’t know about anodes in the first place , much less that it can be replaced, thereby extending the life of my next water heater. Much appreciated. -- Wally G.

Thank you for delivering an excellently structured and wonderfully written site! -- Wesley R., Silver Spring, MD

After installing a new rust remover system and water softener in our home on an acerage with our own well, we had a horrible rotten egg odor in the hot water. After contacting several plumbers and plumbing supply stores and the company that had installed new equipment, the only suggestion they had was remove the existing anode in hot water tank (and void the warranty on the tank). Found your easy to read and understand web site and ordered a powered anode. It arrived  well packaged in a few days. Included in the package were very easy to read and understand installation instructions along with a large, well labeled diagram. Followed the installation instructions, and odor completely disappeared within a few hours from the hot water. Did not see a place for feedback from customers, on your site.  Just had to write to say how impressed we our with your product.  Once again thanks for making our water odor-free. -- Dave, Caroline, Alberta

After six months of putting up with the rotten egg smell and dumping peroxide in my water heater every 12 to 14 days, I finally broke down and got the powered anode.  Bingo!! Four weeks later and still no smell, just like you said. Thanks for the great web site that helped get my softened well water back to normal. It wasn't cheap, but from your info, I knew just a rod would not get the job done. -- Tom, Wood Lake, MN

Randy -- A huge note of thanks for the fast answers, expeditious shipping and solution for the stench emitting from my hot water. Months prior, I called a water treatment rep. He came out, tested the water, found no bacteria in my water. He couldn't assure me that a water purifier would kill the smell in my water. Having recently moved from Texas to Ohio this issue was new to me ... I was perplexed. I e-mailed your company, got a fast answer and I bought the powered anode. I've had it sitting on my counter for the last couple of weeks waiting to be installed ... I installed it this morning and I immediately had clean smelling water! My wife is elated. I'm relieved and you have a very satisfied customer. Thank you for your help and knowledge. Please use this email in any way you find useful. Thanks again. -- Carlos, Cincinnati, OH

Well, I’m impressed.  The powered anode rod went in just fine, everything is working great and you were right, the nasty sulfur smell stopped immediately and hasn’t returned now in over a month.  I am so impressed that this simple idea solved my problem.  The anode rod that came out was pretty nasty (down to the core in several places) and I’m glad I don’t have to mess with replacing that any more. Thank you so much for providing a product that actually does what it’s advertised to do.  I will gladly refer this product to everyone I know on a private well with the same problem (and there’s lots of them here in my county in Virginia!) -- Teresa, Warrenton, VA

Hi Randy: Just a quick note to say Thank You. I’ve had my powered anode in for a couple of months now and all has been cured.  Even my visitors over Christmas, without being prompted, commented on the total lack of odour (odor!).  Thanks again for your honest advice and help.  Your powered anode product has saved me untold grief. -- Mark, Trenton, Ontario

Your website has turned me into an evangelist for water heater maintenance. I'm spreading the word to anyone who will listen. -- Peter, Eagan, MN

Bought an electric anode from you a month ago and have been suspiciously waiting for our stinky hot water to return … but it never did. Thank you …. you have really made a difference in our lives … seriously! It was so bad that my wife and daughter were gagging; we could not shower in our house and were forced to shower in the gym ALL of the time; or forced to go without showering, or taking cold showers (in summer only). Your instructions were straightforward and made installation quick and painless -- the only tool that I had to get was a cheater bar (I used an old pipe) from our local Home Depot store, which they gave me for free. Thanks again. Our home is like new. -- H, Greenfield, IN

Thanks for keeping me informed, it is rare these days and greatly appreciated. -- Don, Yorkville, CA

Thank you for having such a great resource on water heaters. My wife and I just purchased an anode rod to stop our heater from making our water stink. It did the trick. I will recommend you to anyone who is having water heater issues. I am a Web architect and you have done a good job with your Information architecture. Things are easy to find and all the info is on point. By providing a free resource you have established yourself as an authority that I can come to when I need to buy parts. -- Peter, Jackson, MS

What a great informative website. I wish all websites were as comprehensive and simple to use as this one. Very helpful. I will definitely pass on this site to friends. Thank you very much! -- L., Tomball, TX

Hey, just wanted to take a minute to thank you. Your peroxide fix, solved our hot water smell issues after four years of suffering through it. We have a small office of three people and large water heater say 40 gallons or so -- hot water was barely used. It was all piped in pex, researched on-line, borrowed a pex tool, installed your fix and no more smell. No sale for you, but sure has been better for us. -- Scott, Madison, MS

Just wanted to give you some positive feedback. I ordered an anode a week ago, got it very promptly and was impressed with the information/installation sheet that you sent with it. Your website is great, which is what led me to the order. I wish all businesses operated as well as what I experienced with yours this order. Keep it going, man. -- Dennis, Springfield, IL

Good website, informative and appears you cover everything we consumer DIY guys need. -- Warren, Cypress, TX