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I have the biggest, most comprehensive site on water heater maintenance on the Internet, and I've been solving water heater and odor problems for more than 20 years, including about 10 years of field work. I've worked hard to make it easy for people to figure out what they need by just doing a little reading. There are whole sections on maintenance and troubleshooting, and there are buying guides for sacrificial anodes, Rescuer kits, sediment control and powered anodes.

If, however, you're still unsure, or just in a hurry, you can ask for a consultation. I charge $30 for this and it's a bargain. A plumber's minimum charge is more than a hundred dollars, and most of them don't know nearly as much about water issues as I do. My product prices will meet or beat just about anybody else's, but they just cover the cost of stocking and shipping the product. My competitors' sites are small and just aimed at merchandising, not educating.

Almost everybody in this world works for a living, selling their time, labor and expertise. I'm no different. The site is free; my time isn't. It's important to note also, that I pursue solutions, not just sales. Sometimes the problem isn't what people think it is and the solution doesn't involve buying anything.

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