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Water Heater Rescue exists to teach people how to maintain hot water heaters to last for decades -- a unique concept. We also provide guidance to buyers. And troubleshooting: We have solutions to your problems, whether it's that you have smelly water or that your water heater is on the fritz. Here, there is knowledge and hard-to-find parts.

We sell solid and flexible magnesium sacrificial water heater anodes for replacement when your factory anode is consumed. Do that periodically and your water heater may never rust out; ours is now 35 years old.

And we have solid and flexible aluminum/zinc anodes and powered anodes (impressed-current) to use in smelly water heaters. We know as much, or more, about odor issues and their solutions as anybody in North America. Also, we are one of the very few who sell curved dip tubes for sediment (also known as scale) control.

Whether you own one tank or hundreds in apartments, residential or commercial, water heater maintenance is an idea whose time has come.

Ewart bath heater

Tankless heaters have been around longer than you think. Water heaters were a lot classier a hundred years ago. This Jewel unit is from the Weingarten Collection.

Water Heater Workbook
The Water Heater Workbook is the bible of water heater maintenance. Written by Larry and Suzanne Weingarten, it contains a wealth of information about extending the lives of water heaters in a very entertaining format. It also has an excellent troubleshooting guide.


Powered anode
The powered anode is the ultimate solution to rotten-egg odor in water heaters, and also does a superb job of protecting tanks when water softeners are being used. Shown here is the hex version.

What Our Customers Say About Us

After I ordered and paid, Randy contacted me to suggest lowering the payment because I had ordered the same item 2x and didn't need 2 manuals, then he refunded me extra money. Who does THAT? While installing the parts, I contacted him a couple more times with questions, he was always helpful and responsive. In short, it's great to do business with someone who simply cares about quality and customer service. -- Elizabeth, Yelm, WA

Randy -- A huge note of thanks for the fast answers, expeditious shipping and solution for the stench emitting from my hot water. Months prior, I called a water treatment rep. He came out, tested the water, found no bacteria in my water. He couldn't assure me that a water purifier would kill the smell in my water. Having recently moved from Texas to Ohio this issue was new to me...I was perplexed. I e-mailed your company, got a fast answer and I bought the powered anode. I've had it sitting on my counter for the last couple of weeks waiting to be installed...I installed it this morning and I immediately had clean smelling water! My wife is elated. I'm relieved and you have a very satisfied customer. Thank you for your help and knowledge. Please use this email in any way you find useful. Thanks again. -- Carlos, Cincinnati, OH

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